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Course: Sports Psychology 

  • Sports Psychology is the study of people and their behavior in sports and excercise related activities and the practical application of that knowledge.
  • So basically two of the goals of sports psychology are to study how psychological factors influence an athletes performance and how playing sports affects the psychological and overall well-being of an individual.
  • Sports Psychology covers a wide population from children to senior citizens and people of all athletic levels. So anyone from a beginning athlete to a Olympic gold medalist can benefit from learning and applying sports psychology!
  • Sports psychology is based largely on real scientific facts and evidence however, there is an art to it as well (some people can really get into the mind of athletes and exercises in order to help them perform at their best regardless of what level they’re currently at.
  • The psychological state of an athlete can have a great impact on their performance. (The professor made an interesting statement by saying that at the Olympic level two athletes who are competing against each other have a similar skill level and they’ve both trained very well yet one wins. Sports psychology teaches us that perhaps rather than skill the winner can have other factors such as confidence, high self esteem. On the contrary perhaps the one that lost was stressed or had some sort of anxiety!
  • In Sports Psychology motivation is one of the keys to becoming a successful athlete. Motivation can be defined as the direction and intensity of effort.
  • Motivation is very helpful in both learning and performance areas goals. The most successful people are those who are intrinsically motivated and continue to work hard towards reaching their goals.
  • Part of being successful comes from setting up reasonable long term goals and being motivated to work towards those goals.
  • Course: Creativity 
  • Researchers and psychologists distinguish between two different types of thinking, convergent and  divergent thinking. Convergent thinking comes up with one answer for a question like “What’s the capital of New Mexico?” Divergent thinking encourages coming up with more than one possible solution for example, for a question like “Make a list of all tall objects?” Divergent thinking leads to creativity.
  • One of the main questions researchers in the field of creativity asked themselves is whether or not there is some sort of relationship between general intelligence of of an individual (as measured by  their performance on IQ test) and the level of their creativity. The researchers came to the conclusion that there is no particular relationship between creativity and intelligence. In other words the smartest people are not necessarily the most creative people. On the other side the most creative people in the world are not neccasrily the most creative.
  • Another interesting fact that researchers have learned is that compared to those with a high intelligence those with more creativity are more likely to be successful in many different areas of their lives.

Course: Adolescence:

  • Many people think of the time period of adolescence as being our teenage years. However there is actually no set time period for adolescence. Adolescence starts from the first signs of puberty and there is no set ending period of adolescence.
  • In this day and age children are reaching puberty and becoming adolescence at a younger age and the period of adolescence can last well into the 20’s.Badically adolescence can last longer for some than for others.

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As-Salaam Alaikum! Hope your all doing well! As you may know I’m currently an undergraduate student studying Psychology. As I’m writing this, my one week Spring break has ended and classes have begun so I unfortunately won’t have much time to dedicate to this humble blog!

However, I really don’t want to completely abandon blogging so I have decided to try to share some of the interesting things that I learn with you on a regular basis Inshallah!

Currently I am taking three psychology courses titled Adolescence, Creativity, and Sports Psychology so my notes will focus on these three areas of psychology!

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Study Tips for the Succesful Student

Being a successful student definitely requires a lot of hard work. Part of book-1247715_1280this hard work consist of studying for tests. In order to get the best grades possible it is really helpful to have some good studying strategies. The following is just a short list of possible study strategies to Inshallah help you earn the best grade possible.

Before Class:
Throughout my educational life many of my teachers and professors have encouraged the class to read the textbook before class. Many of us often ignore this piece of advice. However, I think that even if you don’t read the whole chapter or section of the textbook you should at least open up the textbook. Just try to scan the major topics by reading the title of each section.

Many textbooks have bolded or highlighted words and sections so try to briefly review those areas as well. All you have to do is get a basic idea of what topics will be discussed in class.

During Class:
I know that this sounds really obvious but try your best to really pay attention in class. If necessary, turn off your smartphone. Really try to absorb everything the instructor is saying. If you scanned the textbook the night before then you will hopefully be somewhat familiar with the topics.

Taking notes is essential. Many instructors nowadays have PowerPoint or other material that they can place on a screen for the whole class to view. However, these may not contain all the information or some areas may be rather vague. It is your job as a student to really take good notes. You don’t have to write every word down rather just try to get the main ideas. If the instructor does use PowerPoint quickly skim the slide and see what you don’t understand or what is missing and try to fill it in with what the instructor verbally states.

Many students at my university have laptops. I see quite a  number of students scrolling through their social media sites or their favorite online stores during lectures. If you do this on a regular basis you are truly doing a disservice to yourself. You could potentially miss out on valuable information that might be on the test. Also, if you’re a university student who has to pay for their education (as is the case here in the United States) you are literally wasting your money if you don’t pay attention in class.

After Class:
During the student orientation of my university one of the professors was giving us his study tips and one of the things that he said was: “The time you should start studying is immediately after class”. Although this may not be possible for everyone I think that he makes a very important point. You should definitely try to study as soon as possible when the material is still fresh in your mind.

Don’t Procrastinate:
Most students have several classes to study for. Undoubtedly some classes will be harder than others. However, it is very important that you set aside a specific amount of time dedicated to studying every day. Also, you can use your own judgment to decide how long you should study for each class. As a general rule for every hour of lecture you should study two hours outside of class during the whole week.
As a psychology major one of the things that I learned in my human memory course is that in order to best absorb the material it is not just enough to spend a lot of time reviewing the material. Rather, the best strategy is to spend frequent intervals of time studying the material. Basically, rather than studying for a test in one cram study session it is best to spread out your study time.

Break it into Pieces
Let’s say you have to memorize something like the periodic table for a test. It is very helpful to break it up and try to memorize a few columns or rows at a time. Each day make sure that you have really learned the previous days’ material before going on.

Reviewing Notes
While reviewing your notes it might be helpful to bring a few extra pieces of paper and a pen and start re-writing the most difficult parts of your notes. I have heard from many people who swear by this strategy. In fact, research does support this idea.

Avoid Distractions:
Try to sit an a quiet area. More importantly, do whatever you have to in order to avoid the large number of distractions that can arise from your smartphone. I understand that you cant just turn it off all the time but try keep it at a distance and only quickly check for calls or important texts at set intervals of time.

Chill Out
After a period of studying give yourself a break. Get a bite to eat. Try to get some fresh air. Try to do something that is truly relaxing for you.

Whenever you have an exam coming up make sure that you get plenty of sleep the night before. College students sometimes take pride in “pulling an all nighter”. They think that they have done something great by studying instead of sleeping. However, research has shown that not getting enough sleep can lead to a decrease in performance and an increase in stress.

Make Dua
Alhamdilillah as Muslims we are very blessed to always be able to turn to Allah (s.w.t). Personally, I make sure to study to the best of my ability and I try to put my trust in Allah (s.w.t). Before every test I recite Surah Fatiha once and Surah Ikhlas three times. If you’re interested in learning about some duas for studying click here .

Hard Work: The Key to Student Success

For each one are successive [angels] before and behind him who protect him by the decree of Allah . Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. And when Allah intends for a people ill, there is no repelling it. And there is not for them besides Him any patron. (Quran 13:11)


This verse beautifully illustrates the importance of hard work by stating: “Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.”
Of course, this beautiful verse applies to all aspects of our lives however, in this post let’s apply the concept of hard work to students. 
Personally, when others find out about my good grades, most often their immediate reaction is: “Oh you’re so smart”. Of course, I thank them and we move on. However, I honestly believe that almost anyone can improve their grades if they make a commitment to working hard and then follow through on that commitment. 

Of course, it’s hard to exactly define what hard work is because the definition varies from person to person. For example, some people are faster learners and thus they require less study time than others. Ultimately we all have different strengths and weaknesses. 
Although the definition of hard work can vary, by determining what our strengths and weaknesses are, we can move closer to our goal of improving our grades. Perhaps something that will help is to determine, if you don’t already know, what type of a learner you are. There are four major types of learners and you can learn more about them here. Learning about what type of a learner you are is very helpful because it will guide you on how you should study.
In this day and age technology is both a blessing and a curse for students. Our smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. can be a huge distraction because many students, including myself, can easily be tempted to check their devices while they are studying. It all starts out innocently, we tell ourselves: “I’ll only take a short break”. However, one thing leads to another and before we know it we have wasted a significant amount of valueable study time. 
However, if used correctly, technology can be a great study aide for students. If you don’t understand something all you have to do is search it on Google and your bound to find something. For those that our more visual learners YouTube and other services such as Khan Academy can be great resources.
One of the key’s to hard work is spending time towards studying and/or completing required assignments. There are times where you’d rather do anything than study for the subject you hate or maybe you’re tempted to play a video game or watch your favorite show however, you need to realize that sacrificing what you love in order to spend time studying is key to success. 
Becoming a better student requires hard work and the occasional sacrifice however, Inshallah if you do your part than you will reap the benefits. 


Religious Leaders on Social Media

Yesterday, March 19th, 2016 Pope Francis made news by personally joining Instagram. As social media has become widely popular many religious leaders including Imams have joined these social media sites in order to better connect with their followers and of course to spread their message.icon-set-1142000_1280

As a Muslim I am very happy to see that many Imams are joining these sites. Two of the Imams that I personally follow are Sheikh Yasir Qadhi and Sheikh Musleh Khan.
I personally think that the presence of Imams on social media can be very beneficial in countering terrorism and in connecting to a large number of Muslims, especially the youth, on a platform that they already use extensively.
Nowadays, we see many inhumane terrorist organizations such as ISIS using social media to recruit more people to help them in their perverted and completely un-Islamic goal. However, the presence of Imams is absolutely crucial in helping people realize the true peaceful message of Islam. The Imams are the ones who are educated in true Islamic theology and they are best suited towards countering the messages of terrorist organizations.
Furthermore, regardless of its benefits and harms social media is becoming increasingly popular amongst many different age groups. Without a doubt social media is very prevalent among the youth. Like many other things in life social media is filled with both positive and negative messages. However, the presence of Imams on these social media sites can ensure that Muslim youth are exposed to some  positive messages as well.
Furthermore,  many of the youth and young adult Muslims find social media as a very convenient means of communication. Perhaps it’s safe to say that many young Muslims spend more time on social media than they do at their local masjid. Therefore, the Imams on social media are potentially able to reach a group of people who may not otherwise be exposed to the Imam’s peaceful message and words of wisdom.
Basically by using social media the Imams are doing young Muslims a huge favor by communicating with them on a platform that is most near and dear to them.


A Bit More About Me

Inshallah you’re all doing well! I just wanted to create this post to help you guys know a bit more about me and hopefully this will help you understand where I’m coming from, or my perspective, when you read some of my future posts!
I was born and raised in California. My parents are originally from Afghanistan and they immigrated to this beautiful country almost thirty years ago.
I live at home with my parents and two younger brothers. I am very blessed to have two very kind and supportive parents. Also, Alhamdulillah I have been blessed with a kind extended family as well that all love me despite all of my imperfections.
I was actually born with a rare disability called möbius (moebius) syndrome. Without going into too much detail this condition causes many people, including myself, to have difficulty making facial expressions and moving their eyes. 
The way that this disability has impacted my life the most is that it has severely affected my speech. Basically, it is very difficult for others to understand me when I speak. In fact, this is why I’m so passionate about blogging. I truly feel that I can best express myself through my writing and I hope that I can positively impact the lives of others through this blog 🙂
I wasn’t always such a great student. I remember throughout most of junior high I had mediocre grades. However, it was during my eighth grade year that I was blessed with a wonderful teacher and she really encouraged me to try my best. I started working really hard and luckily it really paid off because my grades started improving. 
Of course, throughout my whole educational experience my parents have always been there and supported me whenever I needed help. My father would always help me with math which I struggled with and my mom would help me make all of my school projects look beautiful and very presentable. 
I continued this trend of working very hard and earning high grades throughout high school. However, I really wanted to save money and ease my way into college so I attended community college first and then I transferred to a four year university (UC Irvine!) Overall, I do not regret my decision of going to community college first because it really did prepare me for the rigorous curriculum of a top notch public university such as UC Irvine!
A fun fact is that while applying to transfer to a four year university one of the colleges that I applied to was UC Berkeley and to my very pleasant surprise I was actually accepted! I will definitely write more about why I chose UC Irvine instead (a decision that I definitely do not regret and one that I’m happy I made) 
I am honestly so honored to have been accepted as a transfer student to Berkeley which is one of the top public universities in the United States.

Trust me, contrary to what my loving parents think I am not a genius 🙂 I am a firm believer that with hard work and dedication anyone can become a successful student and I hope to share some of my personal tips with you guys in the future! I hope that you will continue to join me and support me on my blogging journey! 

Everyday Life

As-Salaam Alaikum,

Inshallah you are all doing well. Throughout these past few weeks I have been thinking of how I can help others. When I initially created this blog I specifically chose the title Islam and Everyday life because I wanted to cover a wide range of topics.

These past few weeks of reflections have made me come to the realization that as a current college undergraduate Alhamdilliah I have really excelled at being a student. 

I would like to share my experiences and tips with you my dear readers. I hope that you will enjoy these series of posts and I am looking forward to your feedback.

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