Winning Hearts

As-Salaam Alaikum everyone!
Hope you’re all doing well! In this post I just want to share something interesting that is happening at my local college campus!


These past two days as I have been walking to and from my classes at my university (UC Irvine) I noticed that the Muslim Student Union on our campus is having this great initiative called Ask a Muslim.

Basically they have members of the MSU standing there and asking people if they want some sort of treat to eat. They have a tent set up and they have an Ask a Muslim sign up as well. Yesterday they were offering cupcakes and this morning they were offering breakfast sandwiches. If a student wanted a treat they would not only get a treat to eat but they would also be given a chance to ask any questions they had about Islam and Muslims!

I greatly commend the UCI MSU for taking this initiative and quite frankly I think this is an absolutely wonderful idea. College students love to eat and most of them are open minded and willing to learn about different ways of life.
Hopefully, more Muslim Student Associations will take this and/or similar initiatives (if they haven’t already). Even if you’re not a college student you can still take steps as an individual, or as a group (with your friends and family) to contribute to your local community.

Many Muslims, including myself, often argue that the mass media, at least here in the United States, is doing more harm than good because they often give inaccurate portrayals of Muslims in the media. These sorts of problems lead to the general public having a negative portrayal of Muslims as a whole.

However, it is impossible to change the entire mass media overnight. However, we can all do our part by starting at our local communities and trying to make a positive difference and showing our local non-Muslim neighbors that Muslims are completely normal and genuinely kind and peace loving people! (Although many non-Muslims are aware of this fact it’s still good to contribute positively to our local communities.)

If we start off at the local communities we can Inshallah win the hearts and minds of the majority of people one heart at a time.

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